Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here we are!

Well I finally feel like I look pregnant and not just chunky anymore so I had my dear friend Karissa take a few glamour shots of me the other day. I felt very awkward as you can see by the pictures. Everyone keeps telling me that I will enjoy looking back on them later on in life... I'll have to let you know. Everything has still being going great. I am 29 weeks now and we are both very healthy and growing more and more every day. We do have a name picked out but decided to keep it a secret until he is born. We have both done a great job of not telling anyone so far. Most people have done a good job of just being patient and not trying to guess too much. Just a word of warning... if you ask too much we might just throw a fake name at you. My 4th period sports medicine class thinks his name really is going to be Jamal Lamaj Pugh :) I told them I really like palindromes.

Thought you would enjoy an action shot!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pine Acres Torrey Pines

Ryan was in Whales Vagina San Diego this past week at a conference for work. He had the opportunity to play Torrey Pines which is where the U.S. Open was held last year where Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods went into a sudden death playoff. Ryan brought the camera and took 44 pictures. Needless to say it was a beautiful course and Ryan had a great time.

Ryan said the back nine was incredibly windy which made it difficult to play. The greens were also small and fast and next to a cliff. It was so windy that people jumped off of the cliffs and hang glided down to the beach.

This is the 18th green where Tiger beat Rocco. Ryan's ball is at the edge of the green just to the left of the fountain. The pin is to the left but not pictured.