Friday, April 17, 2009

The Pink Team

Last night Ryan and I were going to the Melting Pot for our friend Kallie's birthday . We always park by the nordstroms elevator at River Park Square because there are usually spots available over there. We found a spot right away by the door so we parked and got into the elevator. We were about 5 yards behind the people getting on in font of us and they kindly held the door so we could get on. As I stepped on I noticed that two of the four people looked very familiar. At first I thought it was some parent that I had seen around school, but I knew that I had seen them somewhere else and then it hit me... It was Ali and Betty Sue from The Biggest Loser! I was so excited but decided to play it cool. I just smiled and said thanks and got on. I was so nervous. I couldn't decide what to say to them, so I chose to not say anything and just try sneak sideways glances. I'm sure I wasn't obvious at all... I could tell that they knew we recognized them and it was almost like they expected us to say something, but what can you say??? I really just wanted to enjoy the moment. Looking back now, I would really like to know what they were doing at the mall... maybe they were going to Subway? I didn't have a camera with me or even my phone, but fortunately Ryan was able to get this shot of them before they got off on the first floor.

They both still look amazing. Ali is super muscular. You would never ever guess that she lost all that weight. Betty Sue looks good too. She didn't ever lose as much as Ali, but I don't think she has gained any of the weight back. I can't remember ever being so close to anyone so famous, it was so exciting! Ryan and I have been Biggest Loser fans since the first season and now I can say that I know someone on the Biggest Loser!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Unit

So for some reason lately I have been reflecting on my passion for the Mariners during the late 90's. I can almost name all of the starters during the My oh My season ('95) which I think is pretty good for a girl. A couple of days ago Ryan and I came across the division series in '97 on FSN and the Big Unit just happened to be pitching. He really was a glorious pitcher not only because he is a talented athlete but also because of his mullet and mustache. So cool. It brought back a warm fuzzy feeling to see the M's win the division in the Kingdome.

Yesterday we had another ob appointment. I was really excited for it because we got to discuss the results of our last ultrasound that we had a couple of weeks ago. Our doctor said that everything looks completely normal and healthy which was such a relief to me. Then there was the question about size. We found out he is above the 95th percentile for size and weight. I temporarily panicked and begged him not to let me go all the way to my due date, then I realized that there could be some positives to having a giant kid. I told this to my doctor and he said "I'm glad you think that because there really isn't anything we can do about it" How reassuring of him... I immediately thought of the big unit. I could have a son as cool as Randy Johnson. I don't want everyone to be jealous out there because I know it is every mothers dream to give birth to a little Randy so I will try not to rub it in. Grandpa Terry guessed that we were going to have a 6'4 blonde girl with a unibrow... he might be wrong about the girl and the unibrow... hopefully :)

P.S. Ryan told me that I can't call him the big unit... so I guess I'll stick with Juan.