Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life is Good

Needless to say our lives have changes drastically over the past 4 weeks. Cade has been so fun to have around. We are exhausted most of the time, but loving every minute of it. He is doing great. He weighs about 9 lbs now and is quite the character. I have never heard anyone grunt so much! I have also never seen anyone spit up and sneeze at the same time :) Slowly but surely we are adjusting to life with a newborn. Our family and friends have been so supportive and helpful. I'm not sure what we would do without them!Sampson loves his little brother! They are backseat buddies.
Grandpa, Scott and Ali at Sunday dinner. Scotty is getting much better at holding a baby :)

Cade's first walk to the park. He loved it, but got a little upset when Grandma pushed him too slow.

Cade is one week old in this picture. Sampson just let him lay there while I took a picture.

Starting to get some chubby cheeks!

Nap time!

Ever tried sitting in a recliner with an infant and an 85 lb lab?

Ty and Andrea came to visit us. It was so great to see them! Ty is a great uncle and makes it over to visit whenever he can.

I know that newborns aren't always the cutest. Of course because he is my son I think he is adorable. I haven't had very many people say that Cade is cute. All they ever say is "Oh! Look at that hair!!!" After looking at this picture I can understand why :)

Cade at Maddie's birthday party. He partied a little too hard and slept most of the time.He is already practicing his tongue tricks. I think he's already better than Karissa.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

As it turns out... I didn't wet my pants

Needless to say I have been hot, tired, and uncomfortable for sometime now. I have been extremely blessed to have a healthy pregnancy, but I am definitely not one of those people who love being pregnant. On Monday Ryan came home from work around 4:30 and I was reading a book in the nursery sitting in the rocking chair. He came in and said hi and started to tell me about his day. He said something that made me laugh and it made me wet my pants... or so I thought! The weird part was that I didn't laugh super hard. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had the thought that maybe I was lucky enough to have my water break. I called the hospital and they told me to come in and get checked out. Ryan and headed off to the hospital where they confirmed that my water did break. I was sooooo excited because that meant I didn't have to be pregnant anymore, not to mention get to meet my little guy soon. I couldn't wait. When we got to the hospital I was dilated to a 3 so they admitted me and then we waited to see if my body would go into labor on its own. Slowly but surely it did, but by 4:30 am I still wasn't in a very regular labor pattern so they put some pitocin in my IV. By 11:30am I was ready to push. I pushed and pushed and pushed, but by 2:30 still hadn't made any progress. The big unit was stuck! The doctor said time for the c section and off we went. It took them a good 20 minutes to get him unstuck from my pelvis. It was a little scary for a while because all I could hear was people grunting and say "wow! He's really stuck!" At 3:40 pm Caden John Pugh was born. He was 8lbs 2 oz and 20.5" He is wonderful and amazing and perfect in everyway. Ryan and I couldn't be more in love with him. After this whole experience I am so thankful for my amazing family that stuck by us through the whole pregnancy and difficult delivery. It was so nice to have so much support during one of the most difficult, yet amazing days of my life. I am also so thankful to have such a wonderful husband. Ryan was so strong for me during the whole delivery and stayed by my side supporting me the whole time. He is also such a wonderful dad. Cade is so blessed to have such a great dad who cares about him so much.